The stars of our line-up of speed changers and reducers are the variable-speed pulleys that give our firm its name. The speed of devices can be controlled easily by simply changing the pitch diameter of the belt that transmits the power to a belt-driven pulley. Since speed is controlled mechanically, maintenance is simple, power can be reliably transmitted, and speed can be controlled securely. These include units that combine motors and speed reducers, models that use brake motors, and speed reducers that use hollow or solid shaft. These can provide not just speed control, but reliable power transmission under complex control methods.


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Since its foundation in 1939, Miki Pulley has been leading the field of power transmission and control equipment as the pioneer of the field. We believe that we were able to be at the forefront for a long time because we have continued to challenge new things such as advanced technologies that are ahead of the times and reforming of production. And maintaining high quality is one reason we have gained the complete trust of customers. One of our goals is to become a company that places high value on the quality of all things, including the quality of products, the quality of operations, the quality of employees, and the quality of the workplace environment. We have proactively carried out various quality improvement activities.
For more information or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact your local MIKI PULLEY distributor or visit http://www.mikipulley.co.jp

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