Interlock Devices


    • Locking/unlocking can be performed with a remote control.
    • Two operations, sucking and returning, are performed by impressing pulse voltage in positive or negative direction and no power is held in each position.
    • Emergency opening/closing can be performed with a key.




Interlock Devices


      • Material: Cold rolled stainless steel plate (SUS304)
      • Finish: Hairline finish
      • Rated voltage: DC24V ±5%
      • Current power: 0.73A
      • Duty cycle: 10% (intermittent power)
      • Max. current-carrying time: 0.5s or less
      • Interval: 4.5s or more (0.5s when turned on)
      • Input signal: Pulse signal (100ms to 500ms)
      • Key No.: J85
      • Operating temperature: -5°C to +40°C
      • Operating humidity: 45%RH to 85%RH (non-dewing)


Specific Use

      • Electric dust collectors, high-voltage distribution facilities, machine tools and other various plants



    • Due to the structure of the lock, the key must be pushed in as it is turned in order to release the lock.
    • Remove the load on the sickle (latch) when operating electrically.

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